Sunday, April 1, 2012

Clinging to something we both love and hate.

For some reason, last night I was dreaming about the movie/story "Lord of the Rings." You know the moment when the times comes to throw the ring into the lava and yet Frodo still can't do it even though this is what he wanted to do the entire time. I found that moment so frustrating and annoying the first time I saw it. But it occurred to me right after the dream that this is what people do all the time. They cling to something that seems oh so good, but is just dragging them down from accomplishing their goals and dreams. This wonderful yet negative thing could be just about anything. Even when we get an opportunity to change, it's so hard, just like the moment Frodo couldn't toss the ring. It could be anything negative in our life that for some reason we both love and hate it. The ring represents that negative thing. This all made me realize the skill of Tolkien. He had a talent for underlying themes that I appreciate and enjoy.

Why don't we toss that ring?

First, we get some enjoyment or comfort from that negative thing. Second, we're afraid to be without it. Maybe this negative in our lives gives us a reason to avoid trying because we fear failure. It gives us an excuse not to try. An excuse such as we are too busy dealing with the negative to have time to accomplish those far off dreams.

What could this ring be?

To find out you have to ask yourself what is keeping you from your goals? It could be various distractions or maybe even an addiction that takes up all your time. It could be a person you are around that is negative. Not necessarily intentionally negative. They could be well meaning, but take up all your time. Another "ring" could be your own fear, knowing you have to do something, but fear holds you back because it takes you out of your comfort zone.

Anyway, I hope to some day be able to insert a theme as clever as this one in my own writing.


Just a side note about the A to Z blog fest:

I wanted to do it, but I’m completely unprepared due to circumstances at home. The decision came down to one question.

What will you be more proud of? Doing the A to Z blog fest or finishing the Vallar sequel. The answer was easy, but I am sorry I can’t participate. I will be visiting my usual blogs and maybe some extra ones. 

Have fun everyone!


Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate said...

I think that we might be inherently resistant to change. But the reason why Frodo couldn't do it was more because the ring was overwhelming him with its need for self preservation. The One Ring was literally alive with Sauron's spirit. It knew that it faced death and was bending all of its power to stop itself from being cast down.

Guy Portman said...

Hi Cindy, I really enjoyed reading this post. This is a great scene and was done particularly well in the film.

Perhaps it is an allegory for drug addiction. I believe this scene amongst others has led to some people suggesting Tolkien was an addict of some kind. Though I am not aware of there being any evidence of this.